On 14/04/2010 15:12, Roger Bishop Jones wrote:
On Wednesday 14 Apr 2010 13:23, Phil Clayton wrote:

You can actually get docdvi and texdvi to generate PDF
  files straight up if you add
in the preamble (where ... represents other options).
  See attached example.  This is generally useful anyway
  as it makes the references in a document hyperlinks.
I do have these things in my documents, but at the time I
started doing PDFs they did not have that effect.

The main problem I had at the time was in getting
hyperlinked indexes to work,
ProofPower at the time had its own way of doing indexes
which did not use makeindex, and this didn't work out with
the hyperlinks.
In the end I decided that the best way to get the hyperlinks
to work was to change texpdf to use makeindex instead of
whatever it was then doing.

So, are you telling me that I can now get pdf files with
hyperlinked indexes without any changes to the ProofPower
document preparation scripts?
In which case I could scrap my hacks.

(I'll try it and see what happens)
It forces production of pdf when I do it (which is probably not what we want). Also it creates index entries with "|hyperpage" in them which just appear in the index entries (presumably intended to be included in some environment defined by the hyperref package).

Can you test texpdf on wrk066 from maths_egs? makeindex produces some garbled entries resulting in LaTeX erros when I try running it by hand. Do you use printindex to include the index in your documents?




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