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Roger Bishop Jones wrote:
However I actually have a small problem which I don't know how to solve without a patch. All of my stuff depends upon the use of docpdf and texpdf for documentation.
I could put "./docpdf" in the makefile to invoke the first,
but then it will invoke texpdf and fail to find it.
I suppose I could put "./texpdf in docpdf.
In rbj.src.tgz these are supplied but unless you put "." in the path it doesn't work.
Any ideas how to do this kind of thing?

You can actually get docdvi and texdvi to generate PDF files straight up if you add
in the preamble (where ... represents other options). See attached example. This is generally useful anyway as it makes the references in a document hyperlinks.

I believe that this works on my Linux installations (Fedora >= 10) because latex and pdflatex are just symbolic links to pdftex and pdftex (presumably) has some logic to determine what to behaviour is required. Presumably many things could trigger the production of a PDF file rather than a DVI. As you can see, I don't really know why this works...

Ideally one wouldn't specify the pdftex option above because that forces a PDF file to be generated. Perhaps latex or pdflatex would be invoked depending on an environment variable e.g. PPDOCFORMAT?



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