OK, now I have my head back in the right place this is how I 
understand the situation.

Makeindex makes special use of the characters:

        ! ^ |

Index entries using these should be escaped by "
(and also " should be escaped).

When I did texpdf I tried to work around the fact that this 
was not happening, just covering the cases that actually 
mattered to me.

It looks like I tried to escape single occurrences and 
reduce multiple occurrences so that it would be possible to 
use @@ instead of @.  And it looks like I only did this for 
the @.  I got something that seemed to work OK for my 
documents, but I knew it wasn't complete and that it wasn't 
the right way to do it.

The right solution presumably is for the handling of the 
index brackets to do the escaping, and then Makeindex can be 

The benefits are substantial, not just that you get the full 
range of indexing facilities (which I do care about even 
though I don't use them at present in ProofPower documents) 
but also because it eliminates duplicate entries in the 
index (compressing them into one entry). This can 
substantially shorten an index and has a significant impact 
on how long it takes to find an entry.

This is important enough that I will dig in and try to do it 
myself, if you will assure me that you are willing to put 
this into ProofPower.  However, it is pretty trifling and you 
could probably do it yourself faster than reassuring 
yourself that what I've done is OK.

The other issue is what scripts there should be.
Should we just use docdvi even if we want PDF?
Should there be two names for the same script?

Roger Jones

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