On 6 Jul 2010, at 10:29, Roger Bishop Jones wrote:

> I find myself in puzzlement when trying to use the square 
> subset symbol.
> When I use it I get an "Unknown extended character" error.
> If I try to add it (as if it were one of the unallocated 
> codes) using "add_new_symbols" it complains that the 
> "sqsubset" keyword is duplicated,
> If I use "sqsubset2" instead, it works, and it prints OK,
> but I am left wondering whether something somewhere is
> going to misbehave because I added it with the wrong 
> keyword. 

This is the result of a historical oversight. This one symbol should be defined 
as an extended character with two keyword forms "%sqsubset%" (to match the 
LaTeX manual) and "%refinedby% (which is what it is called in the Compliance 
Notation, i.e., DAZ), unfortunately it hasn't been done like that and DAZ does 
exactly what you do and defines a separate extended character. Nothing will 
misbehave given what you have done except that you have two extended characters 
that are logically distinct but will print identically. I thought I had fixed 
this, but it doesn't seem to have got into the release, so I will add it to my 
list of things to do.

> Should I have enabled the symbol some other way?

No, the build should have done it properly for you! See above.



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