On 12:46 PM 2/6/01 -0500, Bagotronix Tech Support said:
>Hello, all:
>I am trying to decide what video card to buy in my new PC (Athlon, DDR).  I
>would like to know what cards are stable and fast for use with 99SE and
>Win2K.  Also, I would like to know what cards to avoid.

Tough call. Since you're on an Athalon system, I will point out that 
it's >>CRITICAL<< that you have the correct chipset drivers installed for a 
particular version of the NVidia (or any other) video driver, as is noted 
by most vendors and every public site designed for support for high-perf 
cards. Failure to select the correct set of corresponding drivers can lead 
to a great number of unexpected system failures, as is the case for many 
peripherals and AMD support chipsets.

In terms of particulars, I purchased an eVGA product, and >overall< I'm 
quite happy with it for both P99SE and Win2k. It was very inexpensive 
($120). However, I have 100% intel architecture, so I'm probably not a good 
judge wrt your choice of motherboard/processor and performance of these 
cards, aside from my "book larnin'"

The only drawback that I've seen so far for the Nvidia MX cards, is that 
NVidia's drivers (I use 6.49) still have a few quirks, which can sometimes 
be annoying. (some dialog boxes display half-n-half on screen 1 & 2, 
Nvidia's screen manager doesn't kick in until Windows has booted, some 
applications don't recognize the Nvidia screen management software, etc.) 
So, Nividia's w2k drivers are not 100% quite yet. Very useable, but there 
are a few glitches.

>My local PC shop will use any card I specify, but is recommending the Elsa
>Synergy III (Nvidia chipset), a dual-port card.  Any comments on it?

One. And it's more a question than a comment. Are you positive that it's a 
dual port card, or does it simply display video and TV at the same time? 
There's a whole world of difference. I don't have time to check on the card 
you identified, but I do know that some mfgs are advertising product as 
"dual-port", (ex: betting on a misinterpretation by consumers that they 
will receive a card that is directly capable of running two digital 
displays (computer monitors), when in fact what they mean by dual-port is 
that it has a TV out and a monitor out. Not the same whatsoever.

So...Be sure.


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