"Lloyd N. Johnson" wrote:

> I don't want to sound too critical here, but this sounds like mythology to
> me. Are you saying a router cannot stop and change directions without
> creating some kind of problem? I have been working with board vendors for
> 20 years and no vendor ever told me anything remotely resembling this.

Sorry I did not get to read the news group for a couple of days and did not
respond sooner.

As has already been posted by Mr. Henzi, causing a router to stop and then
restart along a different axis while cutting causes chatter.  Mr. Henzi
explains exactly what I was going to say -- only he puts it far more clearly
that I would have.

As for your experience, could it be that you have never pushed the envelope to
the point where it has has become a problem?  Could it be that the application
has been such that a little defect in the corner has not been a factor?

Also, keep in mind that we are talking about inside corners here.  For outside
corners the cutter is driven past the end, backs up at a 45 degree angle and
then starts the pass off the edge of he board.  This movement involves 2 stops,
but the stops happen in scrap material where the quality of the cut are not an
issue.  The actual outside corner is cut with the cutter moving in a straight
line at close to a constant velocity.


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