Andy, David, Lloyd or others.
        Yes library management is a pain in the putoot. A good number of us
have been around for long enough to see the pains first hand of not managing
libraries in an acceptable manner. The problem arises from the diversity of
cultures that your typical company has in it's engineering experience bank.
Since there is this diversity, there are dozens of opinions about which is
the best, easiest and most complete or safe way to manage this. Add to this
complexity the varying limitations or restrictions found from one CAD tool
to the other and you have a matrix which would make a mathematician weep.
Thus there is no singular correct manner by which to handle CAD library
management. Likewise there is no one globally accepted management style for
any company or corporate entity, if there was all companies would be equally
successful and what a boring world this would be.
        One rule that I follow across all my experience is that there must
only be one company reference library. Every designer must have access to
the reference library and use the reference parts. Even if there is a one of
prototype there should not be any symbol or footprint which is not
accessible to all designers and has not been designed to meet company
requirements. Anything short of this overall governing rule is a one way
road to disaster, or at least a few tears, gripes and complaints, throwing
money away, finger pointing and lost productivity.
        The second rule that I follow religiously is that I will not use CAD
tool vendor supplied libraries without confirming their suitability with my
own reference resources. Usually none of the vendors library parts pass my
inspection without revision. Thus, at best I copy the vendors libraries into
my own reference library after confirming their correctness or suitability
and editing them to meet our requirements.
        Anybody who wants to discuss particulars with me I am willing to
share my views and practices further but it should be taken offline so as
not to overload everyone on the listserver.


Brad Velander
Lead PCB Design
Norsat International Inc.
#100 - 4401 Still Creek Dr.,
Burnaby, B.C., Canada.
voice: (604) 292-9089 (direct line)
fax:    (604) 292-9010

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I couldn't agree with you more.
With regards to library management, we have had a horrific experience with
designers creating their own libraries and project libraries etc. Countless
errors have been produced by this and finally I took the initiative, much to
some designers dismay, to create a standard company library to include only
the parts not found in the existing libraries and a much reduced "DEVICE"
library. We have one library manager and he is responsible for any new part
construction. Yes it does slow the design process somewhat, but it
eliminates rework due to mistakes. I have indicated before that we have a
very diverse cultural menagerie of designers and with each making their own
version of the same part, well you can imagine the schematic nightmare. We
have also done this to our pcb footprint library. No footprint is used
without the manufacturing dept approval of the footprint first after its
When we use outside contractors, the same rules apply, we supply our pcb
footprint library on CD.
Just what we are doing. Seems to be working.

Lloyd Good
GE Harris Energy Control Systems Canada Inc.
2728 Hopewell Place NE
Calgary, AB, Canada T1Y 7J7
(403) 214-4777

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Dear Andy Lintz,

I've been wodering about this myself. Why does everyone have to re-invent
wheel ?

Andy Lintz asked for library advice:
> I want to set up a system to maintain orderly control over my parts and
boards.   Some of you seasoned pros probably have some good advice on the
that might get me started off on the right path.

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