can't help you with your routing problem, routers are a big mystery
to me. Nobody I have worked for has ever had boards that they would trust
to, would work with, nor would they shell out for, an autorouter. And in
trying to play with them, they confound me and constantly do not respond in
the manner one might expect when trying to make one work in a reasonable
fashion. This last comment is undoubtedly because I have never received any
training in how to configure or use one.
        You do mention something that I believe I had problems with a while
ago after first starting with Protel. You mention a footprint naming
convention that appears it could easily violate Protel's footprint name
limitations. Are you aware that Protel 'suggests' that they only support 12
characters in the footprint name? I had some problems a while back with
various operations not working correctly (like "Update" from the footprint
library). Several people on this list as well as Protel suggested several
issues with my footprint names, one of these was the length limitation. I am
not sure which naming issue had bit me but I changed several and my problems
went away. Now I restrict the name to the 12 character limit. FYI: the
limitation is mentioned in only one location that I have been able to find.
It is hidden in the section explaining netlist formats and limitations (pg
648 in my acrobat version of the Protel P99SE manual).


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> TIP: The "Q_..." name convention for symbols allows for all devices to be
> easily found in one area of the library without exhaustive searches.
> Similarly I use "U_..." for all IC devices, "D_..." for all diodes,
> for crystals, etc.

I extend this, with, f'rinstance, IC_TSSOP_whatever in the PCB
libraries. Makes for slightly longer footprint names, but it's not as if I
have to type them in very often, and not having dozens of slightly
different SOP8, SO8, S08, S0P8 variants, the world's a better place. 



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