Brian And everyone,

        I was just about to post a very similar message.
        I'm currently very irritated because I just found a library problem in a 
production run of boards....
        Please let me know if I did something really stupid or if Prtoel did something 
stupid and
        I was too naive to catch it.
        The problem is:

                I made a schematic and converted it to a PCB.
                Gripe 1: There are no matching (default) PCB footprints for the 
                        symbols. This stikes me as really dumb. There should be a 

                Gripe 2: The schematic symbol for a pot has pin 3 as the tap/wiper.
                        I never saw this because my pin names were off...
                        I converted from sch to PCB and applied the generic footprint
                        VRn - to avoid wiring problems (hah!). That what the whole 
point of this
                        technology is for isn't it!

                        I checked my transistors for pin problems and found some (but
                        I guess I had kind of expected a transistor problem. I didn't
                        expect a problem in something so basic as a VR and time was 

                        The PCB component was correct  - pad 2 is (and as far as I 
know is
                        ALWAYS) the wiper. So as far as I'm concerned the schematic
                        library component is wrong in a dangerous and dumb way.

                        I can see that it is an extension of resistor but surely 
                        would get caught by this.

                Question:  Take the RETSISTOR TAPPED sch library part for eg.
                        It does not have any hidden pins (according to library params)
                        yet I have to use display hidden pins to see the pin nums 
                        Why is this so ?

                Question:  What is the correct way of assiging schematic pins so they
                        match PCB pins (how do I make the change and ensure 

                Question: Do I have to create my own compatible sch and PCB libs which
                                seems really stupid in as "professional" a product as 

                I seem to remember that others have had to make libs too. Do we have a
                shared library pool (schematic compatible). I currently don't feel like
                trusting protel libs. ISA9000 or not.

                Ok so am I being really stupid/naive or is it a serious problem ?


On Sunday, February 25, 2001 10:05 AM, Brian Guralnick 
> I know it's a waste of space, but I wish that each schematic library 
> had it's own dedicated footprint as a default, or the option of an external
> footprint, or copy an external footprint to the schematic component's
> default.
> OK, I realize that this is exactly how you currently define any current
> component, but all I want is for the schematic component to be connected, or
> part of the same single library name & file for any component.
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> Brian Guralnick
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