do you not have those days when you cannot find your putoot from
your frazzamadangle even though you are looking at it right in the list in
front of your nose. Not to mention the myriad of prefixes or omission of
those prefixes that might or might not have been included in the symbol name
when it was created? I do! As well it does aid in finding the available
devices when you haven't done a prior search through the company MRP system
to figure out which existing part you might use in your new design. It is an
attempt to make the listing as user friendly as possible so that everybody
can find what they are looking for.

        It certainly does help as well when you just want to find all your
existing symbols of similar types like you suggest.


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On Mon, 26 Feb 2001 13:42:51 EST, you wrote:

>> TIP: The "Q_..." name convention for symbols allows for all devices to be
>> easily found in one area of the library without exhaustive searches.
>> Similarly I use "U_..." for all IC devices, "D_..." for all diodes,
>> for crystals, etc.
>Now THERE's a convention that Protel ought to use in their libraries. If
>okay, with you, I do believe I'll steal that idea and add it to my whole 
>personal library next time I get a little break between jobs. 

Am I missing something? I can only think of one case where that would be
vaguely useful which is when you don't have the symbol you need and want to
see a list of possibly similar symbols to copy from. 

>It will save 
>others from reinventing the wheel because they can't FIND the wheel, too!

I would just type *wheel* in the filter box. 

Cheers, Terry.

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