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>Point taken if it is in the decimal form but 0.1 inch is 1/10 of an inch 
>and if you think of it as a fraction rather than a decimal, the fraction 
>has got to be a more acurate measurment than a rounded decimal.

No, there is no difference between 0.1 inch and 1 1/10th of an inch. Both 
are one digit of significance.

And 1.0 tenths and .010 inch would likewise be two digits of significance.

I would think this topic not worthy of discussion were it not for all the 
bad drawings I have seen, and as we have heard in this thread, sometimes 
these bad drawings lead to bad PCBs.

Mr. Harland has pointed out in the past that the relation between mils and 
mm in the Protel database should be founded on the exact relationship, and 
he has discussed how to accomplish that. If the database were kept in the 
proper units, a dimension could be converted back and forth between 
imperial and metric without being changed. I think most of us have seen 
objects that have a dimension of, for example, 1.5001 mm or something like 
that, when they were originally entered as 1.5 mm exactly. That should not 
happen. Among other things it can mess up our ability to globally select 
objects based on dimensions.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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