On 05:30 PM 15/03/2001 -0500, Michael Reagan said:
>Hello all,
>I originally posted this message/complaint when 99  first was released and
>thought the problems have since been fixed.  On very large designs, mine was
>18,000 nets, 99SE with SP6 installed took 6 hours of 600MHZ  computer time
>then hung up.The machine has 512 meg of ram.  I wasted about 12 hours of my
>time doing a simple netlist load. My netlist and design are not corrupted, I
>loaded it on 98 SP3 and it loaded in less than 3 minutes.  Something is
>really wrong with the way Protel is still loading nets.  This in my best
>guess is a simple task. Luckily for me I didn't throw away 98.  I am really
>posting this for Protel to see, because I am sure this problem is beyond
>tech supports functionality.
>Oh well keep 98 for while still, I hate that.
>Mike Reagan

I agree that netlist load is glacial especially if you are doing a major 
update and have checked the update connected copper option in the 
synchroniser. The synchroniser is more powerful than the old netlist load 
(in that designators can be changed willy-nilly before updating) but it 
does seem very slow.  Is the netlist load also slow?

I saw quite a moderate netlist take 5 minutes to load on a moderately 
capable machine.  I wonder if we could try to track down some work arounds 
for this or at least determine what the dependencies are:
1) Does it depend on the number and/or size of the PCB libraries loaded in PCB?
2) If I had a big design made only of resistors and a PCB library with just 
the one component a resistor) loaded would it be faster?
3) Is there a significant load time difference between the synchroniser and 
the netlist load?
4) How do the options in the synchroniser affect load times?
5) Does the netlist format make any difference? (Protel/Protel2)
6) Is it linear with size of design?  If I have a design with half the 
components and the same number of nets does it take half as long? Half the 
nets and the same number of components? Half the nets and half the components?
7) Any other ideas?

This is the sort of stuff that Protel should do - may be we could get 
Protel tech support to undertake this testing and reply to us. Come on CSC 
can you do this work and tell us what, if anything, we can do to improve 
netlist load times.

Ian Wilson

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