> Congratulations on the new computer!  Just for curiosity's sake, how much
> RAM did you get installed? (By now, you know what I think on the subj...)

I haven't decided between 512MB or 1GB yet, but I probably will go with 1GB,
since I won't be able to upgrade it 2 years from now (PC133 SDRAM will be
obsolete by then).

> I'm glad you're able to afford the upgrades. I think you'll be pleasantly
> surprised overall, once you're over the (modest)  learning curve from v3
> (assuming 3 was like 2.8) to the new way of doing things that P9x presents
> to the user.

Yes, the upgrade was PRICEY$$$.  But I have been using PCB 2.8 and SCH 3.2
since 1996, so it was time to upgrade.  And I saved a lot of money by not
upgrading each incremental release since then.  The real reason I decided to
upgrade was to stop having to create a part footprint every time I wanted to
use a SMT chip.  The PCB libs in 2.8 didn't have much in the way of JEDEC
SMT footprints.

Also, another reason I upgraded all around (W2K, 99SE) is that I can't
afford to let my skills and knowledge base become obsolete.  After all,
that's one thing I like about the EE profession:  there's always something
new coming around.  I never did understand the mentality that some engineers
have of wanting to do the same thing in the same way for their entire
career.  My philosophy is to learn new stuff, keep the best of the old
stuff, and ditch the rest.  A lot of the custom designs I do involve
recreating old-style PC architectures for embedded applications using new
hardware!  Sounds insane, but people really do not want to rewrite their
hard-won application software.  So I still have every PC I've ever bought,
keeping the old ones for legacy reference platforms.  And I still have every
DOS and Windows version since 3.0, and now Linux, and soon W2K.

> Remember to install SP6 as soon as you load the program. That way you'll
> avoid the pitfalls that it remedies (and remember, Protel's service packs
> are inclusive, ie, they include all previous service packs for a given
> product, so there's no need to install sp1,sp2, etc...)

Thanks for that tip.  I probably would have overlooked it.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  http://www.bagotronix.com

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