On 03:02 PM 4/17/01 -0400, Phillip Stevens said:

>I have started a new project in the last few days,  using Protel99 SE
>SP6,  and Windows 98.
>Before starting the project,  the desktop icons were correct and
>stable.  In the last few days,  always sometime after having run Protel,  I
>have experienced 3 occurrences of desktop icons having been changed to
>another type of icon.
>For example,  after bringing up a net list in wordpad,  several of my
>.doc icons suddenly started displaying my email client icon.
>So far it seems to be a random event.  Trying to create a reproducible
>test case.  Not a real problem for me,  just wondering if anyone else
>has seen this?

I have experienced this problem in every version of Windows (with the 
personal exception of W2k so far...), including W3.1, W95, NT3.51 and NT 
4,. with and without any or all service packs installed. I believe that it 
is due an insufficient resource problem (not just total memory). Some 
windows resources appear to be non-recoverable, ie, once used, they're gone 
til reboot, it's just been so long since I've worried about tit that I 
can't even remember which resources they were...

FWIW, I always suspected that my Diamond video cards or their enhanced 
driver software played a part in creating the problem, but I haven't any 
definite proof to that effect...


Andrew J Jenkins. NCMR @ NASA-GRC

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