On 04:55 PM 2/05/2001 -0400, Steve Smith said:
>The archive is:
>Steve Smith
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>Staco Energy Products Co.
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Unfortunately it is not being maintained in any way (I have lost interest) 
as we keep hearing promises of a functional archive from the forum admin 
(and still waiting).  It always was incomplete as well as I did not feel 
like uploading all 40 MByte of the archive.  The provided link has not been 
touched by me for a long time but you may be lucky - the info you want 
might be there.  Also you will find that many messages in the middle of the 
archive are missing - I did not upload them - this archive was a 
demonstration of what could be done and to get some feedback on formatting.

You can search the Techserv archive back to about Feb or March 2001 but 
only by subject not by body text. The interface is by mail.  Mail your 
request and get mailed back a digest of matching mail.  (Very sophisticated 
- not). I think there may be a more friendly interface to this digest 
retrieval on the Techserv www site.

I have also let my complete archive fall apart a little (largely due to 
mail server problems at both my and techservs end) so I suspect I do not 
have a complete record anymore - and I do not wish to spend a lot of time 
sorting out the problems to get the archive going.  It takes hours to go 
through all the posts and fix up the problems associated with mal-formed 
HTML messages from Outlook and Outlook Express so they display 
correctly.  This is especially so since there is perfectly usable sites 
about that provide mailing lists with archiving.  Then you have to go 
through and remove the essay-length footer that Techserv adds to each 
message otherwise the archive takes up about 25% more space than it need.

In essence there is no archive and even though users have been baying for 
one for ages and some (me) have done various cludges we still do not have 
one after much waiting. All other mailing lists I am on have an archive.

Ian Wilson

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