> > It seems to me that I remember seeing it. But it is not there now in my
> > installation of 99SE SP6. I'm going to go search the Knowledge Base.
> >
> > Abdulrahman Lomax
> Nor is it in my tools menu. I do have the layer stack manager in the
> menu. I'm running 99se, sp6. Help says design explorer version 6.6.7
> The layer legend sounds useful, how do I find it?
> Richard Sumner

The associated (LayerStackupAnalyzer) server was initially released (prior
to the release of SP6) in pre-release form, and under NDA conditions. Since
then, it has been included as part of SP6 (for Protel 99 SE).

Ideally, the prerelease version (of the LayerStackupAnalyzer server) should
be uninstalled before SP6 is installed. With the prerelease version, if not
the version released with SP6, an "Layer Stackup Legend" item was added
under the "Tools" column of the menu for the PCB Server, and that (menu
item) invoked the LayerStackupAnalyzer:GenerateCrossSection process.

If that menu item does not exist, it can be added by customising the menu

When using this process, you should previously switch to the layer (i.e.
make that layer the current/active layer) you want the layer legend to be
added to. When prompted, select the first corner, *then* press the Tab key
to invoke the "Layer Stackup Analyzer Setup" dialog box. That dialog box
contains checkboxes which permits you to select which details of the layer
stackup will be subsequently reported. (I regard it as confusing that this
dialog box is not invoked if the Tab key is pressed prior to selecting the
first corner.) After selecting the required items and closing the dialog
box, you will be prompted for the second corner, and the location of this
will determine how much area is occupied by the resulting text (and how high
the associated text strings consequently are).

The documentation for this process leaves something to be desired. No
LayerStackupAnalyzer.hlp file was provided with the prerelease version, and
nor was such a file provided with SP6. However, given that SP6 has now been
released on a public basis, it is now permissible for users such as myself
to provide assistance on this server.

Geoff Harland.
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