G'Day all,

This isn't the much promised, late-delivered invert server that is still a 
work in progress.  That server is delayed due mainly to difficulties with 
the SDK documentation (and possible deeper SDK issues).

**Warning - although I have tested this server on my development machine 
and one other, it is safe to assume that there may be bugs 
remaining.  Considered Solutions Pty Ltd is not responsible for any data 
loss or loss of productivity that use of this server may cause.  You are 
solely responsible for determining fit-for-purpose and whether it is 
reliable enough for your use.**

This new server is available from:
http://www.considered.com.au/CSFlipView_1_1.zip  (44k)

This new server:
1) Provides a floating resizable window (always on top style) that provides 
a flipped view of the region around the cursor. The size of the view 
depends on the size of the floating flip window.  Some may find it useful 
when positioning bottom side designators, for instance.
2) You can select either/both/none of x-flip and/or y-flip
3) There are parameters to the process to allow you to toggle and set the 
flips on-the-fly  (these can then be assigned to menus and key shortcuts).
4) Those who think about it might realise the potential for oscillation 
depending upon flip state and cursor position.
5) Some polishing is probably needed.
6) Could be bugs and these could crash Protel - there were issues with 
Access Violations when P99SE was closing down and the flip view window was 
still open.  I think I have fixed this.  But *please* be careful. Save 
often until the long term stability has been assessed

7) ***The biggy!***  Those running dual monitors with different resolutions 
and colour depths on each monitor may find interesting problems when they 
move the floating window onto another monitor.  I would *love* some 
feedback on this.

8) I have noticed that under Win2K and my graphics card (nVidia TNT2) that 
areas outside the display region show as black on the flip window.  Under 
Matrox Millenium-II and Win98 the areas outside the visible screen area 
show as a garbled/noisy version of the screen.  Fixing this is a pain and 
would slow the refresh down and hence steal more processing time.  I am not 
really interested in doing this so don't expect this fixed any time soon.
9) Keep in mind that the larger the size of the flip window the larger the 
bitmaps that must be copied about and the more processing time will be 
stolen by the flip viewer.  I suggest you keep the

Some additional info not in the help file:
If you click on the floating window and hit the 'x' and/or 'y' keys you can 
toggle the x and y-flips.  Hitting <Esc> with the floating flip view window 
active (clicked) will close it.

Installation is done in the usual fashion - if you don't know others will 
explain.  I am tired of doing this and some 
non-programmers-but-willing-to-helpers may care to accept this role.  There 
is a help file with the process name and parameters.

Have fun.  I am looking for feedback on this.


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