In the mean time, the following perl script could translate those "A" and
"K" to numbers (I assume the choke is from an alpha character and not a
numerical pin number)....

**Note** I do not know what file you are *actually* sending to the test
engineer that is choking so this script may not completely fit the bill...
save an original copy of whatever file you are using....

#hash symbols are comments in perl, however, the line above
#does have significance and is not necessarily a comment..

#this should replace all pin occurances of A with 1 and K with 2

# <> means get the filename on the command line as arg1, open it,
# slurp it, and run it through the while loop line by line
while (<>)
        #note: each line of the text file is stored in a hidden
        #      variable called "$_" inside this loop, each
      #      time through the loop

        # perl regular expression search and replace operator:
        # s/_replace-string_/_with-string_/_operators_

        # search and replace operates on each line as stored
        # in the hidden variable $_

        # replace a 'dash A' pin with -1 (g in the _operators_
        # means do this "globally" on this line)

        s/-A\w+/-1/g;  # \w means word bounary i.e., a comma, space,
                     # non alphaword character, etc.
                     # The '+' means, match one or more times (for the
                     # word boundary)

this is really a 4 or 5 line script that usually takes only half a minute or
so to write (without all the comments).  This could be considered a throw
away script with potential to beefed up to be part of finished process for
passing files back and forth to the fixture...

save this file as (in this example... or whatever your heart
to invoke the script, install perl ( perl for win32...
or for unix), run the script as follows...

C:\perl AKNetlist.txt > AKNetlist_fixed.txt

if you want to get more complicated (like remembering which pins were
changed such that you can go back from the test fixture back to the original
file etc., or to tweak the script for the *actual* file you send to the
fixture, let me know)


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Hello all,

I just had our test engineer come and complain that his test software chokes
on the use of "A" and "K" for diode pad identifers. I have used A and K for
15 years and know many others that use the same convention. I assume it
originated so there is no confusion with C meaning collector. No matter, the
test software they use is called CBTEST in conjunction with GenRad. They
have not moved up to the new version which is Navigator and I hope that this
will be resolved, but in the mean time. Has anyone else run into this
problem and have any comments on the diode convention.
Your input would be greatly appreciated.

PS My test engineer is from Nortel, so this may be my problem....haha.

Lloyd Good
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