On 04:23 PM 5/09/2001 -0400, Phillip Stevens said:

>How does one specify a Net not be routed,  but still be checked
>for in the ERC?  I have a pretty simple 2 layer board.  2" X 2.7"
>with a few parts on it.  I'm using P99SE SP6 on Win98

I have not tried it but, under the Design Rules|Routing|Routing Layers 
rule, add a new rule.  Specify Net scope and then disable all the 
layers.  This should prevent the routing routing this net.

>What I wanted to do was to route all the signal lines first and then poly pour
>VCC/GND.  (This is a simple,  low speed, low cost, 2 layer design btw..)

If you specify "Pour over net" then it should not matter if the router has 
routed the nets - you can still pour the poly over the top (just make sure 
you specify Pour Over and the correct net name.

>Not seeing a direct way to do this,  I tried a few things like making
>rules for VCC/GND nets to be 0 width traces.
>If you do this,  when you do the pours,  you get whatever
>the clearance is on both sides of a 0 width trace,  so you end up
>with holes in the poly pour around a 0 length trace.   In a way what I
>told it to do I guess,  but not what I really wanted...

As Brad says, sound like you might like to investigate the pour options you 

>Then I tried making the trace width impossibly large.  It's a 2" X 2.7"
>board,  so I made the (min/max/pref) trace width all 5".  That
>way it can't _possibly_ route those nets.... then I'll just do the poly
>pour over it...  The router happily placed 3-4 VCC/GND tracks down
>on the board.  At maybe 50-100 mil width.  This has to be a bug?
>The router should not put down tracks that fail to meet the design

I agree.  Sounds like a bug.  I have had problems with the rules at times, 
mostly order of priority issues.  What is specified as the width rule for 
the Whole Board?  Maybe the router is incorrectly picking up the whole 
board scope and using it.  Does sound like a bug.

>I also tried net unroute,  but this seems to just take out a segment
>of the net,  and not the whole net (though I think this may have
>worked in the past).  Even had this worked though,  the traces would
>not have been as direct as they could have been without the VCC/GND nets in
>the way.

Traces should not be "in the way" of a polygon pour with the same net and 
pour over option set.

If you can investigate further whether the router was picking up another 
width constraint rule and let me know I will get on and add the report to 
the bug list.  I have about 10 bugs and possible bugs to add I think at 
this stage, all reported over the past couple of months on this list, but 
not yet added to the bug list.

Ian Wilson

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