I figured you might be offended, I will be glad to look at or help you in
any way I can by examining your file. Seriously, I am not trying to defend
Protel, some of you will recall I was one of the first to use some very
harsh language when 99 was released with lots of bugs.  I even returned it
to Protel and they gave me a full refund!   99SE with SP6 is a solid (very
rarely crashes)  program loaded with features found in more expensive
programs. (Again, I speak for the PCB package only)  Polygon pours should
take seconds at most. You have to be doing something wrong, please take no
offense.  I will extend my olive branch and ask you to send me any file so I
can take a look at off the forum. I will be glad to offer you my assistance,
as I look for the challenge.

Mike Reagan
EDSI Frederick

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jason Morgan [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 8:03 AM
> To: 'Protel EDA Forum'
> Subject: Re: [PEDA] Protel's Good/Bad points (WAS:Using 3D)
> Michael,
> First lets get something straight, I take offence at your questioning my
> competence with Protel, I've been using it for a very long time and am
> familiar with all of its usual weird behaviours (even though they
> are still
> unacceptable)
> The only reason we are using it at all, and not the latest Orcad (which we
> also have and use) is down to my experience with Protel.
> Protel crashes, its protel's fault (even you admit that).  As for
> not using
> the bits that crash, I find the inability to print, save or load a file a
> bit of an inconvenience.  And as for missing and misplaced entities on
> plots, well
> that's to be expected these days.... nothings perfect.
> Ok, yes I admit its got much better (so far as features go) since P98, but
> at the expense of repeatable stability.
> ---------(A bit of background - you don't need to read this bit)
> Our first dedicated cad machine was a 1GHz P4 with 1G RAM, it *ONLY* runs
> Protel and win2K.
> We bought this as protel was pausing for more than 30 seconds per pin as a
> result of an edit of through hole components, it was also crashing many
> times a day.  EDA UK confirmed both these bugs and passed our design to
> Protel for investigation.
> It seems that the crashing is usually down to known problems when
> you have a
> very large design >1000 components, many polys (these are the killer) and
> many tracks on a mixed through hole / smt design.  The other
> problem is down
> to a bug with the on-line poly repour it seems to take ages when
> you have a
> large number of polys.
> All we do know is that an 1 hours lost work of one of our engineers costs
> more than an extra gig of ram.
> A newer machine was bought for a 2nd engineer. This is a dual processor
> 1.7GHz P4 with 1.5G RAM (at the time the fastest we could sensibly afford)
> Initially on the new machine all printing activity from within
> Protel would
> cause a crash, from experience we know that protel is very sensitive to
> graphics cards (surely not the fault of protel), so changing it
> sorted some
> of the crashes (its now the same as the first machine)
> ----------------------------
> Protel still crashes, so what's going on?   Probably a fault of the IT guy
> who (despite my advice) wants lots of patches installed under
> windows, even
> if there is no visible problem, anyway that's his problem.....
> So where am I going?
> Ah yes, Michael, as you machine seems to be so stable, perhaps you could
> tell
> everyone its build as its seems you've got it right.
> J.

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