> What might be interesting would be a survey in which we describe what we
> have in our systems, in terms of hardware and configuration, plus our
> experience with crashes. It might be possible to analyze such data to
> identify graphics cards, for example, that work, and those that don't.
> Right now, pretty much all that is collected, as data, is what
> systems have
> problems, not what systems do *not* have problems. Without the
> controls, it
> is hard to analyze the problems, one might be led down many blind alleys.
> Abdulrahman Lomax
> Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

I am using the worst of all hardware/software configurations,  ATI Cards
with  windows 98. 5-600 MHZ  machines with 256- 512 meg of RAM.  My piers
are using the same configuration with different results. Their machines
crash often.
Differences in my machine and theirs:
I disable all power saving schemes, theirs is running
Screensavers disabled, theirs is running
McAfee completely disabled and removed  on mine, theirs is installed and
Norton disabled and removed on mine  Norton is running on (some) of theirs
Mijeniz  FIX  IT UTILITIES  installed on mine but not running in the
I run the FIX IT Wizard and clean and repair the registry EVERY week.  I
also will run it anytime after I run a piece of crap called AutoCad.
Autocad can cause Protel to hang up, so I try never to use it on the same
machine.  Also drivers for my external zip drive have been known to cause my
system to hang up, but that is not a Protel problem.  Any other crashes I
have had in the past year, which I can relate to protel occurred after  I
was handed a file from another designer.   One file had a via outside of the
work area which caused both Protel and Spectra to crash.

The only other software I run on my PROTEL machines are:
Windows explorer, Outlook, Lotus approach, Camtastic, Wordpad,winzip, that's
it.  All other software gets installed on one of my "other" machines so that
I don't contaminate my working and delicate configuration. Remember this is
my workstation that I rely on feeding my family with, so I don't take the
risk of just adding any software to this machine.   I run ACAD, PADS,
Spectra, Orcad, accounting software and anything else I buy on a other

Hope this gives you an idea of type of configuration I use.

Mike Reagan

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