Hi Ian and all,

The traffic on this forum would give a reasonable indication of what is
being used up until now as there are few enquiries re SIM & PLD in
comparison to Sch & PCB. As this would be difficult to quantify, I fully
agree with the proposal to carry out a more formal survey.

As for core / non-core I would suggest that this would be a veeerrryyy grey
one indeed and driven by the style of operation of the business & the amount
of free time available trying to figure out the un-documented bits.

>From the messages posted to date I suspect that the common areas in order of
usage are ( Coloured by the fact that we cover from vapourware thru software
and firmware & out to hardware. while not having spare playtime ):

< Start wild sweeping Generalisation >
Power Print
CAM manager


Camtastic  <- this IS a valuable addition to the pkg
Autorouter <- 13 years and we still live in hope...

SIM - My wife informs me that if prottle-spice wasn't useless-spice then we
might make more dollars to allow her to live like posh-spice albeit there is
a concern that I might run off looking for sporty-spice.


3D Autoplace & Autoquote servers are on the next page somewhere  with the
rest ;-)

< End  wild sweeping Generalisation >

The irony would be if prottle really do crack the router problems and then
price it out of reach as an addon, especially after forking out so many
dollars over the years to get what has turned up to date.


Don Ingram

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> On 10:00 AM 21/11/2001 +1000, Don Ingram said:
> >Hi All,
> >
> >It is interesting to see the responses from the Forum.  It would seem
that I
> >am similar to many others in that we only regularly use the core tools in
> >the package as the rest are rendered useless by either the lack of
> >reliability or the lack of documentation.
> Don,
> I thought there were quite a few people in the survey using what others
> would call non-core.  What is core? PCB and Sch only?
> It would be great for someone to actually go through the thread and do the
> stats on the number of replies and tally up the servers used as a
> percentage of users.  The sample space is too small to be meaningful at
> moment but it may well be time to set up another famous user surveys.  It
> will not be me this time though....
> It could be a simple series of questions such as:
> "Do you use Sch?"  Then options: "Yes", "Never", "Occasionally"
> then a follow-up
> "Would you use it more if it was improved?  "Yes", "Never",
> This would allow current usage and future development direction to be
> assessed.  If you can get 50 to 100 people responding then that might
> getting Altiums attention.
> This can be done easily in HTML as a form, with emailed responses.  Leave
> it for a couple of weeks and then tally the numbers and tell us all what
> they were.  When the survey just before P99SE was released was being
> prepared I  asked a number fo regular respondents to the list to pass
> comment on the balance of the questions and the layout. I still copped
> flack for the questions but at least it got something going.  As much as
> might be desirable and fair to do - I would suggest staying away from
> anything but simple Q&A type survey as otherwise it is way too hard to
> analyze and the job never seems to get done - I know, I was there.
> Maybe some of those most trying to influence the direction Altium is
> could get involved. Apart from ATS I am not very unhappy with the
> Protel is going.
> Ian Wilson

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