Hi Fred,
Thanks for the reply. I agree that it is our responsibility as Users to
inform and demand that the product perform as advertised. This forum
provides an excellent venue for us to discuss what is and isn't working and
what the market desires for new revisions. However, occasionally it seems
that there are a few Users out there that either don't understand the
program and it's function or want it to do something that it was never
intended to do. As I indicated before, I have seen the evolution of the
software for the last 15 years. It has made some positive steps and some
negative ones. One of my biggest frustrations is seeing a function that used
to work well become one that does not. Overall, I am very pleased with the
direction the program has been going, but the latest shift with the
maintainence agreements that Altium is proposing has me greatly concerned.
Sometimes I might just be over sensitive to all the whining going on in the
forum, but then I don't have children so I am not used to that kind of thing
either, haha. It is somewhat easy to tell the longtime Users from the more
recent in the forum. Speaking of oldtimers,  Mr Lomax (respectfully) What is
your overall general opinion of the developments from AutoTrax 6.0 to DE

Lloyd Good

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Most of us make the best of it, or we wouldn't be using this software in
the first place. Nevertheless, if we don't complain, and if we don't submit
our needs and preferences, there's little chance that we will get the
software we expect. You have an obligation to yourself to insist that
software vendors provide what they promised, specified, and what you
paid for.

Fred A Rupinski

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