At 08:55 PM 11/20/01 -0500, Bagotronix Tech Support wrote:
>What do you say, Abdul?  If you are willing to do this, and we scream loud
>enough, Altium might hear of it.

Actually, we have had discussions and I even wrote one small piece for 
them. But mostly matters have been left with an idea that we would do 
something someday but that day has not arrived.

When I started to get more involved with Protel, first through this list 
and then, a little, directly, I rearranged my business so that I would be 
free to write more. I identified another designer I trusted, actually, I 
found several but one is now my major designer, and I basically turned over 
nearly all my work to him. He lives in another country where the living 
cost is much lower than in the U.S., so I could pay him well -- for his 
country -- and low enough that I could possibly survive on the margin. My 
income has stayed the same or has gone down a little as a result, *but* the 
potential is much higher; and my *family* income has gone up because I have 
more time to help my wife with her business.

So what I do is write for this list, which keeps my name up there and which 
brings business our way, enough that I can keep doing it.

I know that Altium is considering a putting together a panel of 
user-consultants. Or at least some elements in Altium are considering that; 
I think there is no harm in mentioning it here. I might get involved in 
some way some day, but for now I am largely a representative of the users, 
that is, I work for user benefit. My resale business was started to help 
users, on the one hand, to sell unneeded copies, and, on the other hand, to 
be able to get into Protel at a reduced cost.

I don't see a conflict between that and writing documentation for Protel; 
the possibility of doing training has also come up. But so far, no cigar, 
except for what comes to me directly from users.

I actually think that, though I recognize I can write, the real genius here 
is the collective experience and wisdom of the users as a whole; so I would 
think the most efficient thing to do would be to edit and organize user 
writing and other input. Thus the proposals made for a user library system, 

Some think that Protel is using us to do what they should be doing. I 
disagree. We are doing what we should be doing, and by doing it, at least 
potentially we are leaving Protel to do what they do best: write the 
software. There is no way, I have written many times, that they could 
provide us with the kind of support that we can provide ourselves. ATS 
won't give them enough money, far short of it. Collectively, we have not 
only more experience, but we also, if you think about it, have more money. 
We just aren't organized.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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