On 04:30 PM 17/12/2001 -0400, Tim Fifield said:
>ok, I've installed the server and put it on my toolbar. 2 questions.
>1. Where can I find the bitmap file for the icon? (The icon as seen in the
>list of servers).
>2. How do I use it? I've selected a pad I want as a test point and then
>pressed the button, but the testpoint box doesn't become "checked". The pad
>is on the bottom of the board. What am I missing?


This server was, and is, a quick hack.  There is no online 
support.  However, contained in the zip file is a readme file with details 
on its use.  Basically there is no user interface.  You must pass in 
parameters to set the testpoint status of any selected pads. The readme 
file gives details on the parameters available. From the readme file:

There is only one process:


and only one parameter:
TestpointAction which can be one of:
     ClearAll, Both, BottomOnly or TopOnly.


You should note that actions BottomOnly and TopOnly will *not* change the 
current testpoint of the status of the other layer - they only affect the 
testpoint status of their given layer.

So to make this server work well, you will probably find that you want to 
add a couple of menu items or toolbar widgets - one for each of the 
possible actions.  Alternatively you can write you own "wrapper" in 
ClientBasic, including a dialog box if you wish, to access the various actions.

As for an icon - there is no separate icon provided with the server.  It 
just uses the default icon provided by the P99SE.  I think the icon 
included with this server is the default icon provided by Delphi.  If you 
really want that icon you can "rip" it out of the dll using one of the 
numerous icon extracting programs available on the internet.  I am sure 
www.tucows.com would have something.

My free servers tend not to have a great deal of documentation or user 
interface glitzes.  Actually I am working pretty much all of my servers 
such that a dialog box is not required - in some cases, such as the parts 
list extractor the user has the option of using a dialog interface or a 
stored configuration - this allows ready conformance to a company 
standard.  The presentation of the dialog box is controlled by a process 

Hope this helps,
Ian Wilson

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