Hi Dave,
        and welcome to the best technical assistance program for CAD tools.
I am not kidding, usually faster then a call to technical support
(anybodies) and the wealth of experience amongst the group is enormous.
Sometimes you have to filter a little bit of personal color from the
responses on this forum but it is well worth it.

Her is my crack at your issues.

1)      I believe that this has been discussed (just recently) and I don't
believe that anybody knows any way to change the default colors on net/pad

2)      You are pretty much right. In our case we have 3 PCB libs and 1
schematic lib, they all reside in one DDB which we call our "Norsat
Lib.DDB". You could have libraries in as many ddbs as you like, one per or
hundreds per.

3)      I have never figured this one out since switching to P99SE, couldn't
be bothered. I normally just import an existing schematic and then delete
everything from the existing one. I figure that I have not wasted any time
not searching for the correct manner of accomplishing this task and I reuse
even small parts of a circuit so many times that I usually start from an old
design anyway. Sorry, can't help on that one.

Brad Velander.

Lead PCB Designer
Norsat International Inc.
#300 - 4401 Still Creek Drive,
Burnaby, B.C., Canada, V5C 6G9.
Tel   (604) 292-9089 (direct line)
Fax  (604) 292-9010
Website: www.norsat.com

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Subject: [PEDA] Some new user P99se questions

Hi all,

I'm a die-hard p98 user and have just starting to kick the tires of p99se.
>From the fiddling around I've done so far I've come across a few minor
items that I hope somebody could help me out with:

(1)   In the PCB editor, how can I change the color for the "show pads" and
"show nets".   I'm using darkish colors for pads, vias, and holes and the
black letters are hard to see.    It would be nice to have them either
black or white, nothing too fancy.   In P98 they are white.    I fully
realize that I can change my color scheme (pads vias etc) to get around the
problem or just squint alot.

(2)  It seems that I need to have all of my library files in seperate
databases and then point to these lib-db's from my project db.   This was
the only way I could figure out how to do it anyways.    Quite a departure
from the p98 way.    One possiblity is to have a seperate db for each lib
file.   Another is to group them together in fewer db's.    Did I do this
correctly or is there an "easier" way.

(3) It seems that all of the schematic templates also need to be in there
own db file (a single db?).    I think the way it works is if you set that
file as the "default" in a project db at some point in time then all future
projects will have those templates available, even after you close and
reboot.   Did I get it right?    I found this to be pretty confusing a
first and was not exactly sure what was happening.

Thanks for any help!
Dave Lewis

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