> Why is anybody bothering with a lousy piece of software like XP in the
> place?

Well, it's not like you have a choice!  When you go to buy any packaged PC
system, all you can get is Windows XP.  You want W2K, too bad!  You want
Linux, too bad!  The only way to get a different OS on your PC is to build
your own PC from parts, or have one built by a local PC shop.  Or maybe you
can wipe XP from a new PC and install W2K or Linux.  But you still have paid
the Microsoft tax if your machine came with XP.

The Microsoft tax is alive and well despite all of the anti-trust findings.
Note that Micrsoft has been found to be a monopoly and that some of its
business practices have been found to be unfair.  This is a fact.  It's just
that nothing has been done about it - no remedy has been enacted and
enforced.  I have absolutely zero confidence in the gov't prosecution of

DOJ:  Bill, we find you guilty of maintaining your OS monopoly through
unfair business practices
Bill G.:  So?
DOJ:  Oh, no problem, we just wanted to let you know.

IMO, Microsoft is digging it's own grave faster than ever.  The "activation"
in their new software is the shovel.  I used to want the gov't to stop
Microsoft monopoly tactics, but now that Microsoft is digging fast, I don't
want someone telling them to slow down or use a less effective shovel.

FYI:  I recently installed Suse 7.3 Linux on my home PC (dual boot W98SE and
Suse).  It was an easy install except for the PnP ISA modem which I had to
configure manually.  The Konquerer browser was well integrated with
multimedia apps (MP3 player, etc) in KDE desktop.  Printing is still not
good under Linux - everything I tried to print to my HP P1000 printer looked
awful compared to printing from within Windows.  What is it with Linux
geeks - don't they want beautiful printouts, too?  I guess they just want
kernel source code printouts on their fanfold tractor paper ;-)  The KDE
desktop reminds me more of an Apple GUI, not Windows.  Why make a geek thing
(Linux) look like an anti-geek thing (Apple GUI)?

Since XP is the current thing for those who buy new PCs, I wonder if Protel
is testing for XP compatibility?

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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> Why is anybody bothering with a lousy piece of software like XP in the
> place?
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> Subject: [PEDA] Protel 99 se SP4 on Windows XP Home
> I attempted to find a faq for this forum but failed. I hope this question
> has not been over-asked.
> I have a new PC with WinXP home, when Protel 99 se is installed. XP help
> support fails to run. System info fails to run, sfc /scannow fails to run.
> comlete format and re-install is required to get these items operational
> again and they fail immediately when Protel 99 se is installed. I know
> the Protel site shows Win 2000 compatibility and not XP but does anyone
> a workaround for the problems with XP?
> Or has anyone else experienced the same problems but do not know a
> workaround?
> Regards
> Posted from Association web site by: Derek Ellis

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