I don't believe it!  Its stopped working again.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] on 22/01/2002 14:00:13

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Yes!  All working again.

I reduced the Hardware acceleration by one notch, like you suggested Steve,
and it works.



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In a message dated 1/22/2002 7:07:59 AM Eastern Standard Time,

> Just in case it was of use, I noted the details of the illegal opeation.
> There is a general protection fault with a driver called ATI2DRAE.DRV
> (OpenGL ATI driver).  I have not fiddled with my display drivers in
> maybe even years.

I'd agree with your guess that the fault msg points to the display driver,
but why it should suddenly show up is a mystery. However, ATI displays are
also known to have problems with Protel. Have you installed anything
which could have monkeyed with the display settings? Maybe the hardware
acceleration setting? I don't remember the details any more, but I recall
needing to download newer drivers from the ATI website, and also having to
adjust the hardware acceleration a bit. As I recall, backing off a couple
steps from maximum had no noticeable effect except that Protel then worked.

However, I just checked that system, which is still intact even though I've
moved on, and the display has hardware acceleration set to maximum, so
I'm remembering wrong.

You say that you changed the default printer. Was the new default printer
and ready? Also, I'm wondering if the printer selection inside Protel is
still looking at the original printer driver. Can you uninstall that
driver to force Protel to look elsewhere? Or maybe go spelunking through
registry to find where Protel keeps its current printer settings for

I'm likely going to do a complete removal / reinstallation of Protel later
today or at least this week to fix a problem of my own, unrelated (AFAIK)
what you're seeing, but if I turn up anything interesting, I'll let you

Steve Hendrix

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