"Many users will not want to have to convert all their libraries to include 
3-D information" 
This is my point exactly. Some PCB designers have no interest in the 3D
world, so let's not create a proverbial white elephant inside of Protel. The
functionality you request would add cost, or possibly an add-on package.
Hmmm extra packages....sounds like the road the PADs and Orcads have been
down before. And frankly I'm not interested in going down that road again.
You don't use a car in the lake nor do you use a boat on roads, but as long
as you have a boat trailer to transport back and forth to the different
mediums.. (perhaps a flakey analogy!?)
Still disagreeing ...respectfully,

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>Protel is an EDA package, don't expect
>it to do your mechanical work.

Certainly it is not necessary for Protel to do what a true 3-D drafting 
package would do. However, meeting the problems of fitting parts on a PCB, 
which is a very limited subset of the field of 3-D drafting, is mission 
critical for PCB designers.

Many users will not want to have to convert all their libraries to include 
3-D information; but gradually available libraries would come to include 
such information. For the program to be able to accept it is, in my view, 
fundamental. Basically a 3-D model can be associated with any footprint. 
Protel is doing that right now, with automatic assignment of models, just 
as a demonstration. So users who don't need 3-D information could simply 
not make those libraries available, and they would not need to set 3-D

And once those models are available, and once users can make their own 
models, a user could make an environment model or, ideally, import one from 
a 3-D CAD package, and then detect rule violations in 3-D.

This is not very far from where we are already, and it is a logical step in 
the development of the program. And it would be quite useful for many 

What is needed:

(1) User ability to make and/or import 3-D models.
(2) Rule checking (similar to present placement rule checking).

This is pretty elementary, compared what is needed for "mechanical work.""

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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