Since I am somewhat new to the electronics industry, and to PCB Design,
I am a little miffed by some of your statements below, and specifically
the one  where you state:

A "circuit" is not just the wiring, it is a loop, or possibly the
portion of the loop which completes the loop.

Could you please explain what you mean by this "loop" thing that you are
talking about?


JaMi Smith

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Most of what I would say on this has already been said by others.

PWB was widely used in military electronics, where they tended to be 
sticklers for detail. PCB was widely used, however, in commercial 
electronics, where the distinction between "wiring" and "circuit" was 
mostly ignored.

It is clear that the standard name for what most of us design is printed

wiring boards, PWBs, what Mr. Saputelli called the "fab". The assembly
then a Printed Wiring Assembly, that is, a PWB with added parts.
Circuit" only has cachet from usage, a usage that was unconsidered, it 
would be better if we said goodbye to it, without becoming language

A "circuit" is not just the wiring, it is a loop, or possibly the
portion of the loop which completes the loop.

The question was asked about true printed circuit boards. These boards
features, etched in copper or otherwise incorporated into the "board" as

part of the fabrication process, which are not merely wires, they have 
electronic functions and they will properly appear on the schematic and 
will have footprints; examples are resistors, inductors, capacitors, 
mixers, delay lines. We have discussed methods for keeping shorts on
parts open for DRC purposes.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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