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>Another odd thing with text positions of components is that the autoposition
>takes precedence over the rotation. If you set autopositon to centre and 
>to rotate the text position by typing in a new rotation value,Protel 
>ignores it.

Of course it ignores it, or, more accurately, you may edit rotation and 
text position in the edit dialog, but autoposition then changes it back to 
the autoposition location.

Autoposition is affected, however, by the rotation setting. I just found 
that autoposition text was rotated, in effect, by 90 degrees when editing 
the value to 45 degrees. It appears that autoposition only results in 
orthagonal rotations of the text. This is the problem Mr. Broome has 
experienced. If I set the rotation to 180 degrees, for example, the text 
ends up with a 180 degree rotation, regardless of autoposition setting.

Whenever a designator or comment is graphically edited, however, 
autoposition is turned off for that component.

So if you want to edit the rotation of such text in the edit dialog, turn 
off autoposition at the same time. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily 
leave the text in the same position as it occupied before, because the text 
is not rotated about its center but about its origin point.

This is a similar problem to what we encounter with rotated text in 
schematic. While it is easy to see why Protel made the beginning location 
of text the same as the positional reference, in general we would prefer 
that it be the center of the display box, that is, we prefer this when text 
is designator or comment text. Ideally, there would be an editable text 
attribute that would determine whether text reference position was bottom 
left (right-reading), i.e., how it is now, or centered (vertically and 
horizontally). The default for refdes and comment text would then be 
"centered." Free text would default to "bottom left."

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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