They are indeed "the big guys"  i have friends who use ProE and it is very
complex big software.  I downloaded the free desktop edition however and
found it very easy to use and quite capable.  Well worth the effort.  It
seems they are worried about people like solidworks competition in the
budget arena and decided to just kill everyone with the freebie........

As for autocad...... Arrrgh ;-)


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From: Don Ingram [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: 26 March 2002 10:07
To: Protel EDA Forum
Subject: [PEDA] Free Mechanical 3d CAD system available

Hi Guys,

I just read a review in a local oz cad magazine on a free offering from  It looks like a taster to their PRO/ENGINEER Desktop system.
The freebie is quite capable & the only lacking point for us is the render
engine.  At around AUD1K we will probably look at buying the full Desktop
version as our 3D Mech CAD work is limited to trying to do demos for
presentations to customers & to fit bits into boxes. It would appear that in
our case the PTC marketing dept will have a win in shifting another copy of
the paying version.

The system seems rather intuitive which I find in stark contrast to trying
to do anything in Autocad ( shows my electronic design / software
background, definitely not a draftsman's bootlace. But even if I was a
draftsman I think I would still despise Autocad...  ) & as of doing a few of
the supplied tutorials I quite like it.  It looks like it could be a neat
tool for constructing 3D component models for import into Qualecad or heaven
forbid a functional prottle 3D addon.

Has anyone got any real hands-on experience with the Desktop product or the
company to date?  It looks like they are one of the big guys when you look
at the features & price of their high end PRO/ENGINEER offering.


Don Ingram CID

** Disclaimer - we have absolutely zero connection to PTC aside from
evaluating their product .

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Subject: Re: [PEDA] NPT mounting holes

> >     I don't know of any fabrication issue with the pad size if it is a
> >     NPT
> > pad, as long as the pad is reasonably smaller  or larger then the hole
> > size.
> Something that I've been caught by a couple of times is having a
> pad on NPTH holes that are the same size as my fiducials. It
> seems that the CAM operator would see that all my NPTH holes
> had a particular size pad, select them based on that, then delete
> them all. It had me scratching my head for a while, thinking "What
> is wrong with my Gerbers ?". It's clearly an error on the part of the
> board house, but now that I know, I've changed my library parts to
> stop the situation arising.
> Steve.
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