While I too have tried 50 times to reconstruct the select PAD instead of
the select COMPONENT without double clicking (which brings up the
dialogue box), and not been able to do it, I am not convinced that under
certain circumstances in certain modes it cannot happen.

I have stared and stared at the EDIT > SELECT menu and tried to do it
with several different SELECT or DESELECT commands, and I have never
gotten the PAD as opposed to the COMPONENT, but unless I looked at the
code for all of the modes, I wouldn't bet on it.

As a side note, but basically the same topic, I have two additional

1. Several times when I am zipping thru cleaning stuff up, and changing
TRACK sizes, I have unknowingly selected a PAD instead of a TRACK and
keyed in the width (say 15 mils) and hit enter without realizing that it
was a PAD rather than a TRACK, and that I have changed the PIN number of
a PART (such as a 2 PIN resistor). The only way I have ever found this
type of error was when I later updated the board again from the
schematic (resyncronized), and seen it trying to change UXYZ PIN 15 to
UXYZ PIN 2. Knowing that I have made these kinds of mistakes in the
past, I always make it a point to do a final update before putting the
design to rest. (I imagine you could also find it with a DRC CHECK).

2. One of the ways that I have found that I have moved a PAD of a
COMPONENT, is by examining the pick and place file. Since most of my
discrete COMPONENTS have the PADS located on a 1, 2, or 5 mil grid, the
part should always end up on a center location on a grid location of
either 1 mil or 0.5 mil, in the columns labeled MID X and MID Y (which
give you the center location of the COMPONENT). So when a 2 or more
place decimal number shows up in the MID X or MID Y column, I know that
either the COMPONENT is of grid by some bizarre amount (usually as the
result of a move that I screwed up) or I have moved one of the
COMPONENT's PADS, which will usually give it a bizarre center point
(most, but not all of the time). So here again, I will take a quick look
at the pick and place file to look for any COMPONENTS that are off
kilter before I finish the design.


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After re-reading some of the previous messages again, it seems that some
people may be trying to suggest that clicking and dragging a component
is possible on a component within a PCB (not a library). Does anybody
to expound on this? I have tried to do this 50+ times and I cannot
accomplish this feat. All I get is an option to select primitives in the
general area or the component itself, never once had the option of
a component pad!

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> copy/paste/move processes.
> This is scary.  I generally click in the center of the component, as I
> usually do NOT want to edit the pad, but the component.  But, 
> sometimes,
> especially when there is netlist trouble, I click on the pad 
> to see the net
> name
> more clearly than the way it is drawn over the pad.  Scary to 
> think you can
> move the pad with a bobble on the mouse button!
> Jon

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