>From what I can tell, doesn't P&V store parts data in Microsoft Access
format?  If so, did you guys ever try to run a query to produce inventory
costs that were usable by the accounting dept?

We have considered P&V before, but were always hesitant, because we didn't
know if it would improve our situation.  We use an inventory database
written by me in Access.  It's a piece of crap (my database, not Access),
but usable.  The limitations have more to do with the inadequate time I have
to program a better database.  Of course, now that our buyer is used to the
"wrinkles" in the database, it would be a learning curve to switch to
anything else.  When it comes time to do an inventory valuation, I run a
query on the database, and hand the numbers to our accountant.

BTW, I don't know anyone who has been happy with complex accounting
software, of any brand.  One of our customers has had 3 accounting systems
in 2 years, and still doesn't like what they have.

We use QuickBooks Pro for the accounting stuff.  Too bad the inventory
module of QBP is so lame.  It cannot be used for any kind of manufacturing.
QBP's inventory module is suitable only for retailing, not for kitting or
anything requiring a BOM.  This is the case with QBpro99, I don't know about
more recent versions.  QBP is very easy to use by non-accountants (such as
me and the rest of our staff) and I like it except for the lame inventory
module.  I recoil at the thought of switching to MRP or ERP software -
$$$$$$, steep learning curve, expensive maintenance, and invariably awkward.
I get calls all the time from salespeople trying to sell "enterprise"
software.  What's that?  If I say "computer, lay in a course for Rigel 6 and
go to warp 9", will that software "make it so"?  So we will stick with QBP,
and just suffer with doing the inventory on separate software.  Until
something better comes along.

Sorry about being OT, but we are all engineer types here, and have to work
with parts.  It would be interesting if someone on this list had a
well-integrated inventory-accounting-ProtelCAD software solution and would
tell us about it!

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.

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> We used Parts and Vendors for 3-4 years and the engineering staff loved
> The problem was with accounting. When we tried to use this tool to
> accurately track inventory costs we discovered it was not intended for
> and we had to change. For organizing engineering parts and all of the
> linking features it was great. As long as costing is not a serious part of
> the equation this is a great tool. By the way, we changed to Misys/Accpac
> and I would never recommend this to anyone.
> Rob

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