At 04:59 PM 5/15/2002 +1000, Thomas wrote:
>I received an invite to apply for Protel DXP beta testing today.
>As I have not signed it yet, I don't suppose its breaking the NDA to let you
>know this.

It's my understanding that Beta testing was only being offered to those who 
had already signed up for their volunteer testing program, which involved 
signing a non-disclosure agreement at that time. Perhaps Protel has invited 
someone else, perhaps Thomas forgot about it.

I signed the NDA, but it does allow signers to reveal already public 
information, public as of the time of signing. The interpretation of that, 
and application to this situation, is not completely clear to me, but I do 
interpret it as possibly meaning that the fact of Beta testing remains 
confidential if it was not publicly known when the agreement was signed.

So I can't conform or reveal whether or not I have received a Beta testing 

But, ahem, *if* Phoenix is in Beta test, well, it's about time! I urge 
Altium/Protel management to be reasonably thorough in private Beta, then to 
open Beta to a wider group  (i.e., any licensee who wants to download it) 
before formal release. Many bugs do not rear their ugly little heads until 
the program has been exposed to a wide range of user-generated conditions; 
as we have noticed, there are bugs that took us two years to find....

It also think it a good idea for Beta testers --- ahem, when it is in Beta 
-- to look at our database of known bugs:

and test the new version for fixes to these bugs. You must be a member of 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] (and, I think, have a yahoo id linked to the 
list) in order to access the database.

(protel-users is a low-traffic list used presently as a backup for the main 
Techserv list, since support can be time-critical, and also for file 
storage and access.)

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