At 02:25 PM 5/24/2002 -0700, Brad Velander wrote:
>Abd ul-Rahman,
>         no you are not describing the process that I was trying to recall.
>Trust me, your description in no way resembles the process, nor is your
>process limited to Ver. 2.8 is it?

No, it is not so limited. "The process," as Mr. Velander described it in 
his last post, is simple in Protel, all versions with global edit. Someone, 
however, might have written a script or other tool to automate this and 
speed it up.

to recall what was written:

>the naming is performed on the Gerber data (how I don't remember)
>such that you have a pad flash with unique names for each different size
>assignment. Then you can replace those assignments with a multilayer pad
>globally. I believe there was a manner of making the same thing work for
>vias as well. It is to bad that I don't recall how it was done because it is
>ideal for replacing pads (vias?) in the case of a gerber data load.

I could do this to a set of imported gerber files, if there was only one 
size via, in about one minute, except for the naming part, i.e., it is not 
necessary to assign names to accomplish the conversion to through-hole and 
vias; to add the holes would take longer, but the basic problem is 
determining what size holes go with what size pads. CAMtastic could make 
this reasonably simple, and there might likewise be another utility that 
would do it; to repeat, I did write such a batch utility for Tango, as I 
mentioned before.

Perhaps Mr. Velander will more accurately describe what the program did, if 
this is not it.

Earlier he had written:

>Abd ul-Rahman or others,
>         do you know of a process using Protel V2.8 whereby you can read in
>gerber type data with a unique name applied to pads or vias of certain
>sizes. Then you can replace these uniquely named pads and via flashes with
>Protel pads & vias through global edits? I don't recall the exact process
>but I did do it once under the guidance of someone who is not here anymore.
>We used to do this to return intelligence back to gerber flashed pads and
>vias in the Protel database.

While this speaks of "return[ing] intelligence," the intelligence is only 
pad shapes and via discrimination (pads and vias were much more 
specifically assigned functions in Protel 2.8 than in 99SE), and the 
"unique name" would probably be a name used for reference while deciding 
which sizes were pads and which were vias. The Query manager in the current 
version could select pads based on a size less than a certain value, which 
would, again, speed up the process.

Protel 2.8 might have had a pad-renaming utility, Tango did, and this would 
greatly help in recreating the footprints and opening the way to net 
intelligence. It continues to astonish me that such a simple tool is 
missing from Protel. Basically, numbered pads, including numbers as pre or 
postfix, can be numbered, one click per pad, with controllable increment.

But there is nothing that quickly and automatically recovers true pad 
names, it is a serious bit of AI to do so.

But I might be missing something, of course.

>         Don't worry about the original person who told me the process, as I
>said earlier, it was a former employee of Norsat. I know that nobody on the
>listserver knows him because he had never been on the listserver.

The conclusion does not follow from the premise. I know lots of people who 
have never been on the listserver, plus there are many people on the 
listserver who never post, many more than do post, in fact. Further, many 
of our readers may not be paying much attention to this thread by now, it 
is still possible that someone knows this person. If he was ever listed as 
a contact for the license, Protel might have his name.

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