for the same reasons I see Protel (ie Altium) starting to lose thier user base. With 
the ATS useless and increase in prices people will start looking elsewhere. How could 
they explain charging us for the ATS and then they claim to stop support for the 
P99SE. What do they want us to pay them for? What bugs have they fixed so far, does 
anyone know? Have they fixed schematic annotation? I wonder if Mr. Protel (excuse' 
moa, Altium) knows what's happening in the field and how much would their management 
care anyway. There were number of other people in this forum with the views similar to 
mine. If they don't change something it looks to me they are going M$ way, down. 
Slowly, but surely. Anyone heard of a Linux based PCB CAD program?


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I agree re the move to look at Linux.  Those that entertain themselves with
a daily dose of the will be no doubt starting
to think more along these lines.

My impression of the way it is going ( for what it may or may not be worth
;-) is that Microsoft is very visibly making a direct and somewhat blind
grasp at domination. Along the way it is arrogantly pushing everyone into a
corner and demanding a lot of money for what, appears to be proven on a
daily basis ( by the security reports), to be a rather suspect product. I
think that the only thing that will come of this is that people will get
their back up, as they indeed are, from Individuals and Corporations to the
European Parliament.

The end result is that Linux is getting one heck of a free ride. To date a
number of 'alternative' products are some what 'thin', it is to be hoped
that they can catch up as for all the MS bashing that takes place I still
like Excel, although I could happily lose the Word2000 virus.

As a Company we are now actively looking at ways of removing MS from our
business equation. The harder that bill pushes, the harder that we will look
elsewhere.  Currently things are tolerable, however the emerging trend in
their behaviour which feels like little more than common blackmail has us
thinking that in the future we would be better placed by avoiding them where
possible.  Interesting one of our large Clients is spending money on exactly
this eventuality.

The wildcard is that the threat of loss of market share may push them back
in their box and bring on a friendlier face ( I won't hold my breath )



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