Evidently I have much better luck with the autorouter than most of you folks

I have used it on boards ranging from 2-sided to 8 layer.  I admit that
there are sometimes things it does which baffle me, but I don't get the
design rule violations like was described in the original post.  And I
almost always get 100% completion.  And it's fast!

The thing with the autorouter is you must practice with it to get good
results.  Tweak every parameter you can think of and see what happens.  I
will typically have to tweak parameters and do trial routes until I get
satisfactory results.  On an 8-layer PCB I might spend an afternoon trying
different things.  Then maybe 15-30 min. of manual cleanup after I get the
result I like (or hate least).

Manually routing of critical nets (clock, analog) MUST be done manually.
But after that, I lock the pre-routes, and let the autorouter rip.

I did a 2-sided PCB last week that took only 19 seconds to route to 100%.
And it was a good result!  It was a simple board, but I would have spent 4
or more hours routing it by hand.  And 8 layers, fuhgeddabouddit!

I run 99SE on a Asus dual-P3 with 512MB RAM, W2K.  No crashes!

I agree with Joey, a manual meta-router would be great.  I have wished for
this for a long time.  The best artificial intelligence is a real
intelligence (your brain).  An AI that autoroutes tracks in a predefined
path you specify manually would be the biggest productivity booster to
routing I can think of.  Ironically, it would probably be easier software to
write than a really good autorouter.

I don't find manual routing relaxing, though.  I like to design circuits.
For me, PCB routing and writing software are necessary evils.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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> I've previously used the autorouter on a 6/6 4 layer board with out many
> problems.  When using the autorouter I've always had to spend a lot of
> cleaning up the routes. Since that time, I've stopped using the
> After I saw how much better I can do by hand, with a little more effort
> the cleanup took before, I've been doing all my routing by hand..
> What I think might be interesting a manual meta-router.  So you can
> interactively control how buses are routed without dragging each and every
> trace.  It would also be nice if the push mode could evenly space the
> it is pushing.  With the speed of todays computers there is certainly a
> of "autorouting" small portions of the design that can been done
> interactively with the designer. The interface would definately take a lot
> of revisions and user feedback to get right.  Of course if autorouting
> better and cheaper it would blow any manual meta-router out of the market.
> What I really want is a good autorouter that produces clean routes with
> adherence to signal integrity and other design rules.  On the other-hand,
> for the 3 or 4 boards I do a year I doubt I can justify the price of such
> thing if it exists.
> Anyhow, I find, in moderation hand routing boards is relaxing and
> meditative.
> Joey Nelson

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