On 07:22 PM 22/07/2002 -0700, JaMi Smith said:
>Speaking of Protel Bugs . . .
>What are the odds on whether your favorite Bug has been fixed in DXP?
>1. ) I am betting that the Keyboard / Mouse problem that has been there
>since Protel 98 has not been fixed.

What problem?

>2. ) I am also betting that the anti-intuitave panning is still there (yes
>Ian, I know that you like it, and I know that you wrote a routine to fx it,
>but it still is backwards and unlike no other system in the world).

I'm getting a little tired of this one - *you* may think it is wrong, 
others don't. Why do you insist on implying that others are wrong?  I think 
you could respect others opinions a little by phrasing your complaint not 
as a bug (which it clearly isn't) but as merely your preference. 
Re-centering after a zoom (which is your preference, the lack of which you 
are calling a bug) can be demonstrated to require a mental refocussing 
especially on large screens - so an argument could be made that Protel, by 
not re-centering after a pan (Home key) is better.

No bug here.

>3. ) I am also betting that Protel's "Print Dialogue" box is also still
>backwards as compared to the rest of the world (For those that don't
>consider the way that Protel handles printing a bug, go play with Adobe
>Acrobat (or any other Windows Application) for a while then come back to
>Protel to see how it it is not done right).

You are not being clear here.  What do you see as the issue?  I can see 
differences between printing in all sorts of applications.  What exactly do 
you not like in Protels Sch and PCB printing?

>Also, show me one other major
>application in the Windows world that has a Print Icon on a toolbar that
>invokes a Printer Dialog Box that will not print anything at all, as the one
>in the PCB 3-D View (It only does printer setup).

Minor issue.  We know that the 3D viewer, as it stands, is a premature, 
inadequate, bit of marketing fluff. Hardly worth commenting on it.

>4. ) I guess my one real question will be what have the done with Schematic.
>Will it still act like a bastard sibling that has been hastily patched into
>a system where it is totally foreign "function" wise, or have they actually
>taken the time to properly integrate it into the environment so that things
>like panning, zooming, and function keys, will work the same as within the
>other applications.

Panning - home key works the same in both PCB and Sch.  Right-click drag is 
not supported in P99SE Sch.  What is your complaint?
Zooming - the same in both PCB and Sch.  What is your complaint?
Function Keys - what would you like to be common across Sch and PCB?

JaMi, fess up, cobber - you were beta testing (just like I was).  Stop 
playing silly games.  You know exactly what has been fixed and what hasn't.

Ian Wilson

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