well this sounds like a pitch for SP7 among other things

while i would certainly be entirely in favor of that i am not going to
hold my breath

to strike to the heart of the matter here is to consider whether Altium
will survive the DXP disaster at all

they have put themselves in a trick bag

if they are still around in a year they certainly won't be patching 99SE
or improving it at that time

if they work on patching and improving 99SE now, they might undermine
and dissipate their efforts to get DXP in shape

i don't see an easy out for either them or us, unless they have more
resources and integrity than appears to be the case

in short, i fear that we are screwed

i sincerely hope that i am proven wrong about all of my speculations

Dennis Saputelli

JaMi Smith wrote:
> Here is a very simple suggestion for Altium.
> You have a very large customer and user base for a fairly developed product,
> Protel 99 SE, which has some bugs and problems, bur nothing that cannot be
> fixed with a Service Pack.
> You have customers who are familiar with this product, and have a lot of
> money tied up in it, and know how to use it, and in fact swear by it.
> You have developed a new product, DXP, which represents a substantial
> investment to you in development time and money.
> This product is however different.
> It is not simply supposed to be a better continuation of the older product,
> it is in fact different.
> It does things differently, and it doesn't do many of the same things.
> This is not necessarily good, or necessarily bad, but as Leo said to Riggs
> in the graveyard scene near the end of the movie Lethal Weapon 4, "just
> different".
> DXP, in many respects, appears to be designed as a next generation EDA
> Product, and I am sure that if handled properly, that potential can be
> realized.
> Is DXP for everyone?
> I think you know that the answer is no.
> Is Protel 99 SE obsolete?
> I think you also know that that answer there is also no.
> Protel 99 SE may be to the point that you feel that you cannot develop it
> any further, which may be true, but that does not necessarily mean that it
> is obsolete, or that as a product it does not continue to have a market
> niche. Yes, it does have some problems that need to be fixed, and there are
> a few features that could be easily added, but once that is done, I would
> maintain that Protel 99 SE is still a viable product for years to come.
> DXP is new, and in many respects more advanced (at least conceptually), bit
> it too also has some problems, in fact many problems, that need to be fixed,
> and there are a few features that need to be added, but once that is done, I
> would maintain that DXP will also be a viable product for years to come.
> Actually, you have two different products here, and I think that you are
> making a big mistake in attempting to replace one with the other.
> I would respectfully submit that you will never do that.
> I would respectfully submit that you are in fact alienating and loosing
> customers by attempting to do that.
> I would respectfully submit that you should consider keeping Protel 99 SE as
> the product that is has taken years to become, and also DXP as a newer, next
> generation, higher level product that it appears to have the potential to
> become.
> Yes Altium, I would suggest that you keep Protel 99 SE as a product, and DXP
> too!
> Yes Altium, you actually can have your cake and eat it too!
> Respectfully submitted
> JaMi Smith

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