> if they work on patching and improving 99SE now, they might undermine
> and dissipate their efforts to get DXP in shape

The one thing you didn't mention is that they have to maintain PCAD as well.
Just read of few of the excerpts from the PCAD forum below.
I am quite concerned about the future of Altium.  Personally, I don't see
PCAD and Protel continuing
as two individual packages.  If Altium survives this DXP/ATS disaster, I
think one package will have to go.

----excerpt of post from PCAD forum on 8/7/2002
I talked to someone at Accel and they assured me they are planning a
new release this year and it will work with the new "Situs"
autorouter. That same autorouter will work with Protel as well as

Now that Protel's release has taken place, they will be concentrating
on this next release of PCAD.
----excerpt of post from PCAD forum on 8/6/2002
People, the scariest thing of all is the silence on the other end. The only
communication I've had from PCAD was when they called and asked "when" I was
planning on sending my maintenance money. I know how important that money is
for the survival of a product and you know no one is selling or buying PCAD
these days. If I were to guess the ship already sunk with us on it and were
to self absorbed to even realize it. I love my PCAD software but our
management already forced PADS down our throats and we are are still choking
on it. Unless PCAD shows its head very soon I'd have to say that the last
maintenance dollars I send them was the worst money I ever spent.
----excerpt of post from PCAD forum on 8/6/2002
My understanding is that they wanted to get the Protel DXP thing out first,
as work on it had started already, and that coding is being done on the next
PCAD version. If we get half the features and fixes that are still open in
our group bug and wish list databases, as well as the open polls, I'd be
extremely happy. I know that we have quite a number of Altium people
subscribed to this group, so one assumes that that they are very much aware
of what we would like to see......

Heck, let them work out the bugs in the new autorouter with the Protel
software, that's what I say, so we get something more mature out of the
gate, if nothing else.
----excerpt of post from PCAD forum on 8/6/2002
We have NOT updated our maintainance this time because of many of the
mentioned reasons. My fear is though, the dwindleing number of people
with maintainance may sign the programs death warrant.
This may not be completely accurate, but from what I understand,
Protel is suppose continue to be the (forgive the name) "low end"
program, and P-Cad is suppose to be the upper end with all of those
add on programs they have been pushing so much. I have the feeling
that with the service packs (instead of updates) that their plan is
to get the main program to a good point where it isn't to buggy (lord
know everytime they make changes they add more bugs) and add on
additional programs to make it more marketable.

I'd be betting that the next thing that you will see is another
Service Pack or a version with more bugs fixed, better integration
with add on programs and a mildly fixed router program.

This time they can't say that our maintainance money went to
improving the program, but in development of programs that some of
may or may not need.

I want to make it very clear to them, if they try to integrate PCAD
into protel, changing interface etc., I will take the ANOTHER
software company up on their deal of a discount with a conversion

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From: "Dennis Saputelli" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Sent: Saturday, September 07, 2002 4:25 PM
Subject: Re: [PEDA] Altium - Have your cake and eat it too!

> well this sounds like a pitch for SP7 among other things
> while i would certainly be entirely in favor of that i am not going to
> hold my breath
> to strike to the heart of the matter here is to consider whether Altium
> will survive the DXP disaster at all
> they have put themselves in a trick bag
> if they are still around in a year they certainly won't be patching 99SE
> or improving it at that time
> if they work on patching and improving 99SE now, they might undermine
> and dissipate their efforts to get DXP in shape
> i don't see an easy out for either them or us, unless they have more
> resources and integrity than appears to be the case
> in short, i fear that we are screwed
> i sincerely hope that i am proven wrong about all of my speculations
> above
> Dennis Saputelli
> JaMi Smith wrote:
> >
> > Here is a very simple suggestion for Altium.
> >
> > You have a very large customer and user base for a fairly developed
> > Protel 99 SE, which has some bugs and problems, bur nothing that cannot
> > fixed with a Service Pack.
> >
> > You have customers who are familiar with this product, and have a lot of
> > money tied up in it, and know how to use it, and in fact swear by it.
> >
> > You have developed a new product, DXP, which represents a substantial
> > investment to you in development time and money.
> >
> > This product is however different.
> >
> > It is not simply supposed to be a better continuation of the older
> > it is in fact different.
> >
> > It does things differently, and it doesn't do many of the same things.
> >
> > This is not necessarily good, or necessarily bad, but as Leo said to
> > in the graveyard scene near the end of the movie Lethal Weapon 4, "just
> > different".
> >
> > DXP, in many respects, appears to be designed as a next generation EDA
> > Product, and I am sure that if handled properly, that potential can be
> > realized.
> >
> > Is DXP for everyone?
> >
> > I think you know that the answer is no.
> >
> > Is Protel 99 SE obsolete?
> >
> > I think you also know that that answer there is also no.
> >
> > Protel 99 SE may be to the point that you feel that you cannot develop
> > any further, which may be true, but that does not necessarily mean that
> > is obsolete, or that as a product it does not continue to have a market
> > niche. Yes, it does have some problems that need to be fixed, and there
> > a few features that could be easily added, but once that is done, I
> > maintain that Protel 99 SE is still a viable product for years to come.
> >
> > DXP is new, and in many respects more advanced (at least conceptually),
> > it too also has some problems, in fact many problems, that need to be
> > and there are a few features that need to be added, but once that is
done, I
> > would maintain that DXP will also be a viable product for years to come.
> >
> > Actually, you have two different products here, and I think that you are
> > making a big mistake in attempting to replace one with the other.
> >
> > I would respectfully submit that you will never do that.
> >
> > I would respectfully submit that you are in fact alienating and loosing
> > customers by attempting to do that.
> >
> > I would respectfully submit that you should consider keeping Protel 99
SE as
> > the product that is has taken years to become, and also DXP as a newer,
> > generation, higher level product that it appears to have the potential
> > become.
> >
> > Yes Altium, I would suggest that you keep Protel 99 SE as a product, and
> > too!
> >
> > Yes Altium, you actually can have your cake and eat it too!
> >
> > Respectfully submitted
> >
> > JaMi Smith
> >
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