Hi, Dennis.

I have a theory on all this, based on my early experience with 99SE in
Win2000.  After much frustration with hang-ups and crashes early on, say a
year ago, I took to investigating the Win2000 Services that were running on
my machine based on some information that I found from the extreme PC gaming
sights.  I experimented with reducing the number of unnecessary processes
that are running on my machine.  I was satisfied that this crashing syndrome
can be improved, but maybe not eliminated, by reducing the complexity of the
environment in which 99Se is running.  I never followed my experiments up in
a systematic way and eventually lost interest as other work factors took

Perhaps your poll could include having each Win2000 user also send a CSV
file of the System Services of his machine, along with his rating.  Then we
can compute the correlation factor for each of the processes, using a simple
Excel worksheet and see if anything jumps out.

The CSV file is generated easily.  Right click the My Computer icon and
select "Manage".  Then click "Services and Applications" followed by
"Services".  Then use Actions/Export List to generate the .csv file of all
the services.. Have everybody name there services file by there own handle,
mine would be "thutches.csv" for example.  Then after they are all collected
we can crunch them as a set.

Any interest?

Tim Hutcheson

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99SE only please

i would guesstimate that we here collectively use our 2 protel 99SE
seats actively maybe 100 - 200 hrs per month
let's call it 150

my recollection of crashes in a month is maybe somewhere between 2 to 6
let's call that 4

so that would compute to 0.0266 crashes per hour (WIN2K SP2)

i will dub this crude and clumsy number:
'SFR' Stability Factor Rating

anybody care to throw out their observations / numbers on this?

i am not commenting here on whether i find this acceptable,
unacceptable, tolerable, or intolerable
just the facts ma'am

obviously this will be a very crude and unscientific number and it does
not include a weighting for such things as loss of data, and many other
related context issues but it may provide a useful overview of the
severity of the situation

Dennis Saputelli

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