Hello Richard,

We regularly produce good assembly drawings from Protel.
What we do is as follows;

We have a sheet border on one of the Mechanical layers, and use this layer for all of 
the assembly notes, item balloons etc. Company graphics are just lines and arcs, 
created initially from a .dxf file (in our case from AutoCAD.).
We create a print .ppc file using this layer, the board outline and component overlay.
We print hardcopy direct from this and use a .pdf distiller to create a .pdf version 
that everyone else can view on our network.

We actually have another mechanical layer with a mirror image version of our company 
sheet border to allow printing of a right-reading assembly drawing for the other side 
of the board if required. We use a third mechanical layer to produce the sheet border 
for the master (fab) drawing.

It took a while initially and involved a bit of fine tuning, but once it was all done 
we made that .ddb essentially a template for any new designs.

I hope this is of some help to you.


Phil Dutton.
Tenix Defence
Adelaide, South Australia.

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Hello all,

I am vainly attempting to create assembly drawings for my current project. I
have found two methods for creating these drawings but with unsatisfactory

Method 1: Within Print Preview export the drawing (Top or Bottom
Overlay/Mech 1 on) without Font Substitution and Non-Enhanced WMF. Open a
new blank schematic sheet and place WMF graphic.
Result: Weird looking part designators.

Method 2: Same as Method 1 but use Font Substitution (Verdana looks best in
my opinion).
Result: Beautiful looking part designators but some designators (not all)
are in weird/rotated positions (not in the same places or orientation as
original Print Preview document).

Anybody out there have a better method or found some way around this?

Start of gripe... Also, I find it odd that you can export in Enhanced WMF
from Print Preview but you cannot place this file format in a schematic
sheet. End of gripe...

Thanks in advance,
Richard Stevense
Calgary, Alberta.

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