Hi All,

How do I change the default font size (height and thickness) in the
Component Libraries.

I asked this question here long ago and was told to just do the "global"
edit once everything was imported, and while I do, recently, I have had a
problem with not being able to do something, which brought the issue back to
my mind.

I added a block of 32 components, and used the global edit capability to
change the size of the ref des and comment fields, and  also to make the
comment "hidden"

Now, on these 32 components, I wanted to also "hide" the "ref des", and
thought I could simply "select" my 32 components, and then chek the "hidden"
box on the "designator" tab, and hit the global button so that I could say
"same" (for "hidden") and also "same" for "selection", only to find out that
there was no "selection" feature on the "designator - global" dialogue, and
that I either had to do them all or none, and do each individually.

This once again brought up the issue of why can't I controll some of these
things when I make the part.

I was playing around with the Export Wizard under the Edit Menu in the
Component Library, and checked off everything for a component and then
exported it to a spread sheet format, and noticed that the last line delt
with text (which this component actually has on Mechanical 1 as part of the
footprint), and I notice that it gives the Line Width as 10 mil, the Size as
60 mil, and the Font as DEFAULT.

 Obviously, I can actually go into the component itself and change any
"text" that is actually inside the component, but I want to be able to
change the "designator" and "comment" fields, either globally for the whole
library, or individually for the odd component when I define it.

It is just possible that this is "hard coded" in the software, but more
likely it is controlled by some parameter somewhere.

Anyone got any ideas.


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