> From: Brian Guralnick [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> When you do not have a lot of RAM, Protel products seem to 
> become very dependant on you .swp file.  What size is you 
> .swp file set
> to?
384MB to 384MB 
hmm... maybe this needs to be bigger?
maybe going OT here a bit, but in windows, isnt the max swapfile size not
something you should just make massively huge?

> I use 1GB on my small system, 3GB on my big one.
well I'll try for now and see what happens.
apparently I'm stuck with this PC for another 2 weeks or so.

> From: Darren [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>  Windows 2000
>  Pentium 4, 2GHz, 1GB DDR ram, 2 x 80G HDD (mirror),
>  G550 Graphics 2 x 1600 x 1200, 32b colour,
OK well that seems pretty reasonable, and not too expensive to get.

> From: Ian Wilson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]

> some of the dual Athlon boards from Tyan I believe  (They are 
> stable with 
> good pwr supply but will quickly find a flaky supply).
Its going to be coming from a supplier that normally deals with us. 
I assume they can get the basic PSU right...

> There has always been a significant number of Protel users 
> saying their 
> machines crash all the time and a significant number saying 
> their install 
> of Protel is very stable. 

At my last job I ran protel all the time on a PC not much better than this
one with no problems at all. Then again the boards I was working on there
were about 1/2 the size of the one I've got here....

> I suspect you will get a lot of personal experience, like mine, and 
> statements of fact (that aren't) and it will be difficult to 
> distill too 
> much - these discussions have been had before and there is 
> not too much of 
> a consensus. 

Thats cool, I'll sort what I hear and piece together my own opinion.

I'm still interested to hear from anyone working on 6 layer 8MB PCB files,
to hear what they consider is a useful amount of RAM, and to hear what they
think is relatively important for protel usability (FSB speed, processor
speed, processor brand, HDD speed, etc etc etc.)  Also any particular brands
that anyone would like to slander because they have had protel problems with
them would be good to hear about... 

Maybe this sort of discussion would be good to collate and put up on the
web? my google searches didnt show up anything like that, and going through
this list's email archive
there was nothing particularly relevant (in fact it only goes back a month
or so...)



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