On 10:17 AM 17/10/2002 +1000, Igor Gmitrovic said:
>there it is, the root of your problems. You have only 128MB of RAM. 
>Upgrade that and you will have Protel running happily and will save 
>yourself a lot of frustration. And don't forget to install a video card 
>with at least 16MB RAM. They don't even make them with less than 32MB today.

Igor ,

I know of two computers with 128 MB of RAM that run P99SE without crashing 
if the resource meter is watched (these are all Win98 machines). I know of 
another that is similarly configured that was always a problem but we 
assumed this to be due to the person using it always loving to install new 
whizzy applets and a new media gadget.  Now that this machine has been 
locked down it is better but not ideal (it is a very cheap and nasty 
machine). Of these two good machines one is very cheap and nasty and the 
other is a build-your-own from quality parts.  The good cheap and nasty 
machine is not mucked about with and new software is evaluated before the 
user installs it (on another machine) - so they tell me.

The machine I use now used to have only 96MB of RAM (Win 2K as well) and 
was very stable running P99SE on Access DDB's with PCB files sizes up to 
order of 2 MB at least.  It is now a slow, 256 MB machine.

It is not as simple as just not enough memory, though I agree that Protel 
loves lots of it. And users will appreciate the benefits it brings, a cheap 
improvement.  But if a machine is crashing lots, adding more RAM *may* not 
help at all.

(I think Altium would do themselves a world of favours understanding more 
about the significant percentage of users that report lots of crashes and 
do more to make clear the reasons and the fixes even if these involve 
hardware advice.)

It would be really good if we understood more on this persistent issue.  I 
do not see the same problems being reported on other CAD programs user 
groups but maybe I am not looking in the right places.

Ian Wilson

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