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>>Well you could have downloaded my partlist generator from Protel BOM csv
>>files for years.

>I don't recall seeing too many references to it over the years - I do 
>forget stuff so maybe you gave mentioned it.  But if someone asked me I 
>wouldn't have known.

I'm sure I have mentioned it here although not recently - don't have any
reason to push and it is only some awk script to process the .csv files. 

Currently here http://www.harrt.dsl.pipex.com/electron.html 

(ResCAD is also cool if you are a circuit designer).

>The issue I suppose you are really getting here is the fact that the CSV 
>formats are not fixed-format any longer so complicating post 

What I'm getting at is I can open an existing 99SE project and only with
great difficulty generate a useable partlist with the information it
already contains.  Another nail pinning 99SE on my system for eternity. 

>However, since the header row is included in the CSV file the extra 
>processing to extract the format of the following data is trivial - 

Not that trivial. 

>We have been told that there will be changes to the report generators.  I 
>would hope that this will include the ability to save and recall settings 
>and even recall a saved setting as a process parameter to allow a BOM to be 
>generated with a single keystroke/menu/button.  

Yes when I found the "Output Jobs" menu item I thought I had an epiphany. I
had been doing it all wrong and this is where you configure all those
things and they would be remembered and there would be a one click "do it"
button. Sadly I was wrong. 

>Another point - again we find that Protel will produce an external data 
>file and then insist on opening that. When I produce a CSV it is very 
>unlikely that I want Excel to open it straight away.  I find this intensely 

I don't have Excel or any Microsoft applications installed - I find it
intensely annoying that DXP has a button named Excel.

>>Another issue for which maybe someone knows the answer. How do you globally
>>add a schematic component parameter? Or come to that how you globaly edit
>>them - they don't appear in the inspector.
>The query:
>IsParameter And (ParameterName Like 'Text Field1')

Ahh, ok I'll investigate. Slightly worrying because I notice sheets also
have parameters but from a quick test it seems they don't count as
parameters for IsParameter (no global editing of sheet parameters then?).

Cheers, Terry.

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