On Fri, 18 Oct 2002 17:56:25 +1000, Ian wrote:

>>What I'm getting at is I can open an existing 99SE project and only with
>>great difficulty generate a useable partlist with the information it
>>already contains.  Another nail pinning 99SE on my system for eternity.
>> >However, since the header row is included in the CSV file the extra
>> >processing to extract the format of the following data is trivial -
>>Not that trivial.
>Hmm - not sure about awk but this is not anything I would consider a show 
>stopper.  Grabbing the headers and setting up hash tables or dynamic arrays 
>or whatever with the appropriate indices is an hour or so once off 

The whole csv to bom awk script is less than 80 lines of code. Parsing a
header to allow free ordering of columns then specifying fields by name
rather column might  take another 40 lines. 

It that is so trivial then the whole thing was trival yet it does a better
job than the Simple BOM Protel is being praised for supplying. 

>The lack of a recallable settings to allow a corporate standard format is a 
>much bigger reason to complain IMO.

Yes although if you did parse the headers you could just select all fields
to be output in no particular order. 

>>I don't have Excel or any Microsoft applications installed - I find it
>>intensely annoying that DXP has a button named Excel.

>That too - this one has been commented on in other places as well.  Why 
>assume everyone is paying the MS ransom?

Grin - I'm not one for politically correct bullshit but when in comes to
'office applications' Microsoft isn't the only show in town and I object
strongly to anything which appears to give the impression they are. 

I have this dick-head supplier who keeps emailing me 2 page quotes as
0.75MB MS Word documents. Not having Word installed at least means I don't
have to worry about embedded viri and trojans but when I convert them to
PDF they come out at 24kB - sheesh. 

>>Ahh, ok I'll investigate. Slightly worrying because I notice sheets also
>>have parameters but from a quick test it seems they don't count as
>>parameters for IsParameter (no global editing of sheet parameters then?).
>Did some more work on this.
>Parameters (named 'Text Field1') added to:
>1) Parameter Set
>2) PCB Rule
>3) Sheet Symbol

>are all picked up by the above query.  Not Sch sheets though - guess this 
>is bug.

>Want a new query:
>InComponent('*') And IsParameter And (ParameterName Like 'Text Field1')

You obviously know far more about the query system than I.

First thought comments is that the query system should be more OOP.

IsParameter should really be  IsParameter(this)  for example? 

So the query could be

IsParameter(this) and IsComponent(Owner(this)) and
(ParameterName(this)  Like 'Text Field1')

Maybe the (this) if missing is implied? 

Don't take this seriously I am rambling from a postion of next to zero

Cheers, Terry.

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