On 08:16 AM 18/10/2002 +0100, Terry Harris said:
On Fri, 18 Oct 2002 09:07:12 +1000, you wrote:

>>Well you could have downloaded my partlist generator from Protel BOM csv
>>files for years.

>I don't recall seeing too many references to it over the years - I do
>forget stuff so maybe you gave mentioned it.  But if someone asked me I
>wouldn't have known.

I'm sure I have mentioned it here although not recently - don't have any
reason to push and it is only some awk script to process the .csv files.
When you mention awk I do now have a vague recall of it being mentioned.

Currently here http://www.harrt.dsl.pipex.com/electron.html

(ResCAD is also cool if you are a circuit designer).

>The issue I suppose you are really getting here is the fact that the CSV
>formats are not fixed-format any longer so complicating post

What I'm getting at is I can open an existing 99SE project and only with
great difficulty generate a useable partlist with the information it
already contains.  Another nail pinning 99SE on my system for eternity.

>However, since the header row is included in the CSV file the extra
>processing to extract the format of the following data is trivial -

Not that trivial.
Hmm - not sure about awk but this is not anything I would consider a show stopper. Grabbing the headers and setting up hash tables or dynamic arrays or whatever with the appropriate indices is an hour or so once off change. Nice if you didn't have to do it but this is hardly a reason to trash DXP. And doing the change wouldn't break the P99Se version as it exports the headers as well (I think).

The lack of a recallable settings to allow a corporate standard format is a much bigger reason to complain IMO.

>We have been told that there will be changes to the report generators.  I
>would hope that this will include the ability to save and recall settings
>and even recall a saved setting as a process parameter to allow a BOM to be
>generated with a single keystroke/menu/button.

Yes when I found the "Output Jobs" menu item I thought I had an epiphany. I
had been doing it all wrong and this is where you configure all those
things and they would be remembered and there would be a one click "do it"
button. Sadly I was wrong.

>Another point - again we find that Protel will produce an external data
>file and then insist on opening that. When I produce a CSV it is very
>unlikely that I want Excel to open it straight away.  I find this intensely

I don't have Excel or any Microsoft applications installed - I find it
intensely annoying that DXP has a button named Excel.
That too - this one has been commented on in other places as well. Why assume everyone is paying the MS ransom?

>>Another issue for which maybe someone knows the answer. How do you globally
>>add a schematic component parameter? Or come to that how you globaly edit
>>them - they don't appear in the inspector.
>The query:
>IsParameter And (ParameterName Like 'Text Field1')

Ahh, ok I'll investigate. Slightly worrying because I notice sheets also
have parameters but from a quick test it seems they don't count as
parameters for IsParameter (no global editing of sheet parameters then?).
Did some more work on this.

Parameters (named 'Text Field1') added to:
1) Parameter Set
2) PCB Rule
3) Sheet Symbol

are all picked up by the above query. Not Sch sheets though - guess this is bug.

Want a new query:
InComponent('*') And IsParameter And (ParameterName Like 'Text Field1')

Does that help?


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