ok , here goes ...... my (I think)  I found a bug.      I had to reinstall
99SE with SP6.     On previous installations, I installed all of the
features,  including things I never used.      Installation and operation
were generally flawless.    The reason I did this reinstall is because I had
virus and after spending some time hunting it down,  it was quicker for me
to reformat my drive,  then re load software .
On my new install,  I decided to uncheck some of the default features  like
PLD   which I never use,    I opened 99SE
and tried to set up my Client preferences  ( ie where to store my backups,
how many to store, custom keys etc  and compress after closing ).
When I closed out Client 99SE,  none  of these settings would  take hold.
I tried it 4- 5 times and it would never take hold of my settings.  I
examined Client.ini file and it just would not re write the file .   Also I
believe the default setting for  SP 6 is to compress after closing,   the
ddb files would not compress

I keep a second hard drive with DATA and back up files only,  no operating
system stuff on it  .  On this drive I also had a backup of my previous
Client installation.  I copied the old    ini files into my Windows/
directory       the program  hic cupped ( not all of the servers were there)
when I started it.  But when I closed it my custom  settings took hold.,
with my old ini files

I really cant spend the time to do another install to try to repeat it but ,
my lesson is  let all of the defaults alone on the installation.   It used
to work flawlessly for me.   So I really don't know if this was a bug ,

Mike Reagan

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at least you would let us know about it and save us some frustration.


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This program sometimes is amazing,   some of us like you have been using it
for years.  It doesn't surprise me that you would find another hidden
feature.   Today I think I found a hidden bug but what is the use of
reporting it if the program is obsolete ?


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> i was proteling (PCB) and flailing away at the keyboard
> i looked up to see a dialog i had never seen before!
> i don't know the key sequence was anymore
> it was a kind of cool looking _graphical representation_ of the
> the autopositioning options for the designator and comment
> ok, it's only slightly cool looking
> i couldn't recreate the keys or find it on a menu but the process
> may be invoked by:
> PCB:AutopositionComponentTexts
> when called without parameters it appears to operate on selected objects
> i know this capability is in the drop lists of the edit comp dialogs,
> but i never saw this window before
> wiring it to hot key looks faster and friendlier than the other method
> have i missed it somewhere?
> wonder what else is in there under the hood?
> Dennis Saputelli
> --
> www.integratedcontrolsinc.com            Integrated Controls, Inc.
>    tel: 415-647-0480                        2851 21st Street
>       fax: 415-647-3003                        San Francisco, CA 94110

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